Social Studies

We are studying the geography, history, civics, and economics of Michigan.


We will be learning about the structure of life using plants, crayfish, and roaches. We will also study magnetism, electricity, matter, and energy.


We will be learning about multi-digit addition and subtraction, and measurement including time, length,perimeter, and area. We will also learn multiplication, division, large numbers, decimals,fractions, geometry, algorithms, and much more.

Reading,Writing, and Spelling

We will be using the Readers' Workshop format. We will be reading texts and novels of a variety of genre. We will do a focused study of poetry and biographies. We will read individually, with partners, and groups.

We will be using the Writers' Workshop format. We will be writing personal narratives and essays this year. In addition we will be writing pen pal letters, book reviews, paragraphs, notetaking, and creative stories this year. We will continue to work on spelling, vocabulary, and grammar skills.

We will begin using the Words Their Way spelling program to learn about spelling patterns and word sorts.


We will be using Wikis, Moodles, Flip Cameras, Digital Cameras, Type to Learn, Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, Microsoft PowerPoint, eduGlogster, Wordle, and much more for research and 21st Century learning.

Book Buddies & Pen Pals

We will be reading and making art projects with our kindergarten book buddies throughout year.Also we will be writing letters to our pen pals at Greenfield Elementary School.

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