Marigold's awesome place

My name is Marigold. I love reading so much that I have over 45 books. I like American Girl books and I like Roald Dahl books too. I have 5 people in my family including me.I have 1 sister and 1 brother.Im the oldest of all of them. My birthday is July 30th. I love playing on the computer so much that it is one of my hobbies. I always wake up before anyone else to wacth T.V. My favorite kind of pet is a hamster. In fact I wanted a hamster before I

external image Hamster.jpgeven got my own hamster. One of my favorite books is Mckenna. Its about a girl who has trouble reading so she gets a tutor.I do not like homework. The number 1 thing I do not like about it is the part on the back of the paper where you have to do 100 multiplication facts x6 or x5.It is sooo hard.In the sequel to McKenna,she gets her cast off finally and after Josie wants to learn how to ride a horse but is scared but after Josie helping McKenna, she wants to go with Josie so she wont feel scared.I have not read the whole book yet but I bet it's good. For Christmas I got a McKenna doll,hairbrush,and both books.I also got an iPod touch.One of my favorite things was my first issue of American Girl Magazine.Or, for short, you could call it AG magazine. M

top 10 favorite books are 1.Diary of a wimpy kid The Ugly Truth,2.Adventures according to Humphrey,3.McKenna,4.McKenna, ready to fly!,5. Meet Molly,6.Diary of a wimpy kid The Third Wheel, 7. Changes for Molly,8. Charlie and the chocolate factory,9. Charlie and the great glass elavator, and 10.The Twits.School is kind of fun, but my only favorite subjects are music,library,art, and sometimes P.E. and of course, recess.The rest of school is pretty much not fun.Most of my freinds's dads at my school are in a band. My dad is in a band too.His band is my favorite band out of all the other bands that exist.My family also owns an iPad mini. My mom has a iPhone 4. I just got an iPod touch for christmas! It is the best gift ever! Sometimes its fun having a brother and sister and sometimes its not. Sometimes, they can be nice to you. But usally you should be happy with your siblings. I actually fight a lot more with my siblings than I used too. There okay, but sometimes they annoy me. I